Why Uplift

Why the Uplift Michigan Online School Program?
  • We provide a rich, rigor-filled, technology focused, tuition-free public education with online curriculum content and classes– all day, every day 24-7.
  • Our school is teacher led, teacher driven and student focused.
  • We utilize the world-class curriculum and learning management system developed by Accelerate Education.
  • Uplift Michigan Online School teachers understand the unique and diverse needs of students. They participate in and lead regular Professional Development workshops and conferences.
  • Uplift Michigan Online School is student centered. This means your child will always be treated with kindness, respect and compassion.
  • We understand students come to virtual education for a variety of reasons. Our student population is very diverse. At UMOS we welcome and explore that diversity through virtual interest clubs.

Uplift Family Perception

Uplift Rating

• How well do students feel the school-year is going? 3.94
• How helpful is staff? 4.66
• How well are special education services provided? 4.75
• How effective are advisory sessions? 4.47
• How functional is the students workspace? 4.33
• How stable is the students home internet? 4.69
• Usefulness of family/student handbook 4.47
• How engaged do parents feel their stduents are? 3.92
• How well do students like the Learning Platform? 4.2
• Overall Satisfaction Rating 4.38

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful online school.
Due to overwhelming demand our school is fully enrolled for this academic year. Please continue to check back as we will open up a waitlist for future openings.

We look forward to hearing from you.