Advanced Placement

Uplift Michigan Online School is excited to offer several Advanced Placement courses for students looking to challenge themselves and, through successful completion of the AP Exam in May, earn college credit in high school. 

Why take an AP course? Here are three reasons:

  1. A qualifying AP Exam score can earn you college credit. That means you could skip an introductory course when you begin your college career!
  2. Taking AP courses will stand out on your transcript, and could increase your chances of getting into the school of your dreams.
  3. The cost of an AP Exam is much lower than paying for 3 or 4 college credits. If you earn a high enough score on the exam, you will end up saving both time AND money!

At UMOS, we use the following process to guide students who may be interested in taking Advanced Placement courses:

  • Beginning in the second semester, our AP Coordinator works with classroom teachers to seek out students who may be interested in taking an AP course the following year.
  • Students can also express interest themselves by speaking with their guidance counselor about AP opportunities. Please note that not all AP courses are available to take at UMOS.
  • Once a student expresses interest in taking an AP course, the AP Coordinator will make sure the student has met certain prerequisite requirements to be eligible to take an AP course.
  • If the student qualifies, the Coordinator will reach out to the parent and student with additional information as well as an AP Contract that must be completed prior to being accepted to take an AP course.
  • Once the AP Contract has been signed by both the student, the parent, and the AP Coordinator, the Coordinator will work with the guidance counselor to ensure the student is scheduled for the AP course at the beginning of the next school year.

Students should expect to spend an additional 5+ hours each week on AP coursework as compared to a traditional high school course. In addition, students are expected to sign up for and complete the AP Examination for the course in May. This exam will not be completed at Uplift Michigan Online School. Instead, UMOS will help students find a testing location for this exam as close to their home address as possible. If a student earns a qualifying score on the AP Examination, they can earn college credit for their efforts.

For more information about Advanced Placement programming expectations, rigor and specifics, please visit the College Board website: Click here

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