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Benefits of an Online Education: Beyond COVID-19

Christen Shell
on May 15, 2020

Benefits of an Online Education: Beyond COVID-19

Online education has been available to Michigan students since 2000.  Additionally, Michigan became the first state to require an online course or learning experience for high school graduation in 2006.  It’s vital for families to understand that online learning isn’t new.  Online schooling isn’t happening because of the COVID-19 pandemic; it’s always been here.  It was made widely available to students in Michigan because the need was and is there.  Families need voice and choice in how their children are educated.  As time has progressed, the reason for online education and the way in which it meets the needs of students has grown.  

Students come to online education, and more specifically to Uplift because the traditional brick and mortar setting isn’t working for them.  This may be due to bullying, lack of a flexible structure, misalignment with family values, the need to support the family with student earned income, or the need for a more rigorous or “gifted” program.  Every family's decision to switch to virtual is unique and personal.  

Online education isn’t for everyone, but it can work for most learners.  We can see now that online education is a large part of schooling at both the secondary and post secondary levels and is here to stay.  There isn’t a situation in which the current and future generation won’t need to be taught how to use a computer and actively use computer systems on a daily basis.  Online education is preparing children for that future.  

There are MANY benefits to an online education with Uplift.  These can include safe environment, increased flexibility in scheduling, more one-to-one instruction, additional special education supports, intervention supports for math and reading, gifted/advanced level courses, students’ ability to progress through coursework faster or graduate early, or homebound medical needs.  

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides or a vaccination is developed, online schooling will still be here; it will continue to grow.  Online education offers a level of safety and security that traditional brick and mortar schools aren’t able to rival.  Online students don’t have to be afraid of going to a school building and facing bullies or much worse.  There is a peace of mind that virtual school parents enjoy that traditional schools can’t offer.  This is why online schools will never disappear.  They’re needed now, more than ever and that has only become increasingly apparent with the current pandemic situation.