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Meet Erin Patrice: Uplift’s 2024 Commencement Speaker
Uplift is thrilled to announce that Erin Patrice will be the commencement speaker for the Class of 2024. Patrice is an outstanding storyteller and community advocate with a unique talent for connecting with individuals of all ages through her empathetic and strategic teaching style. Patrice's extensive experience includes working with families in various roles, from […]
Empowering Change: A Positive Review of “How U.S. Schools Harm Kids” by Timothy Wood
In the quest for educational excellence, it's essential to take a critical look at our current school systems and consider what can be improved. In his thought-provoking book, "How U.S. Schools Harm Kids: And What To Do About It," Dr. Timothy Wood dives deep into the challenges and shortcomings of American education. While his critique […]
Leading with Compassion and Grace
Leading with Compassion and Grace: Fostering Student Well-Being at Uplift Creating an environment where students thrive extends beyond academic excellence at Uplift. It encompasses a community of school staff dedicated to leading with compassion and grace. This is pivotal at Uplift, where the significance of compassionate leadership is deeply ingrained in our mission to enhance […]
Cultivating Clarity
Cultivating Clarity: Understanding Mindfulness and How to Teach It Mindfulness is a practice that has gained popularity for its ability to improve mental well-being and reduce stress in our fast-paced world. In this article, we'll explore what mindfulness is, its benefits, and how to teach it to individuals of all ages. By embracing mindfulness, we […]
Building Resilience in Children
Building Resilience in Children: Nurturing Strong Minds for Life's Challenges Resilience in Children Teaching resilience to children is a powerful gift that equips them with essential life skills. In an ever-changing world, resilience helps children bounce back from setbacks, adapt to new situations, and thrive despite adversity. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance […]
Help Your Child Catch Up On Learning
After an incredibly frustrating year, you may be wondering about the long-term impact on your kid’s learning. But experts say it’s worth keeping things in perspective and that there are ways to support students this go-round (without having to supervise their classwork). As schools throw open their doors and kids return to answering word problems […]
How to Start Online School
Prepare Your Student for Online School Here at Uplift Michigan, we talk to a lot of parents who are entirely new to online education. They often have questions about how they are supposed to get started to prepare for online school: How do we find the right school? How do we enroll? What do we […]
How Much Does Online School Cost?
If you’re looking into online schooling for your child, you’ve probably wondered about how much it costs. Do you have to pay for tuition? What programs will you need to purchase or download? What supplies will your student need while learning from home? These are all incredibly valid questions that are great to ask before […]
The Benefits of Online School
The Benefits of Online School Going into the 2020 school year, many schools across the country made the choice to transition to virtual learning. Having experienced online learning, parents and students alike are now asking: “what exactly are the benefits of attending an online school?” We at Uplift Michigan have been educating students online for […]
How to Prepare Your Child for Online School
Prepare your child for free online school. Making the transition from a brick-and-mortar school to an online school can seem daunting. Your student will be learning in a whole new way, and you’ll be supporting them in a whole new way. While you’re sure to learn and grow with your student throughout the year, it […]
How Does Online School Work?
In the wake of COVID-19, many public brick-and-mortar schools transitioned to virtual learning.  While these schools held classes online, their model was very different from traditional online schooling. They took the in-person model and transferred it online — same start time, same schedule, and, in most cases, the same lesson plans and schoolwork.    This […]