Frequently Asked Questions?

What type of students are the right “fit” for virtual?
• Student is willing to communicate with staff and peers, with or without help from parent/guardian. 

• Student is self-motivated and self-disciplined or responds well to a schedule driven by parent/guardian or teachers. 

• Student has great time-management skills or parent/guardian can provide that daily structure for them. 

• Student will log into their classes and submit assessments daily. 

• ALL Students can thrive in the virtual classroom with great support from their guardian and teachers!

If you'd like to know if online school is right for your student, please complete this short survey: 
Is Uplift Michigan a virtual/online school?
Yes, Uplift Michigan is a fully virtual, public charter school in the state of Michigan, everything your student does is 100% online with the exception of in-person state testing once per year. We serve students, in the state of Michigan, grades Kindergarten through 12th.
Where does my child complete their school work?
Students complete their schoolwork at home on a computer. Some grade-levels and courses may require offline/printed work, such as Elementary courses and Art Electives.
How much does it cost to attend Uplift Michigan?
Nothing, Uplift is a completely free, public school option.
We would love to attend Uplift Michigan, but we do not own a computer.
That’s okay! We are the only online school in Michigan that provides EACH qualifying student with their own computer. That means if a family is enrolling two students, each student will have their own school-issued computer to use during the time they are enrolled with us!  It is the responsibility of the family to keep their computer safe and cared for.  Damages and replacements are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Families are expected to find a substitute computer, to use if needed.
There are so many virtual schools in Michigan, why should my child attend Uplift?
What sets our school apart from others is that we have built a family atmosphere.  We meet the needs of every student by working with them where they ARE and in many cases that goes beyond just academics. We strive every day to serve our students and their families to the very best of our abilities. At UMOS your student is not just another name or number on a roster.
Are there events that require my student to meet in-person?
Yes. State testing in Michigan does require that students meet our staff at a designated testing location to complete the MStep, PSAT and SAT. It is an enrollment requirement that all families agree to attend state testing. Field trips and Graduation ceremonies are optional, but encouraged, for families.
What assessments do you use to measure student growth and progress?
We use the NWEA assessment in reading and math three times a year (fall, winter, and spring). The NWEA testing helps teachers uncover areas of strength in each student and also helps to highlight areas that students need to focus on for growth. Since students take the test three times a year, it is also a great way to see how far your student grows in a school year. These tests are administered online and are a requirement of being a student at UMOS.
Where can I learn more about Uplift Michigan?
To learn more or to enroll your student, please visit us at
My child has an IEP, do you service students with IEPs and what accommodations do you provide?
Yes, we absolutely service students with IEPs. We have state certified, highly qualified special education teachers. Each student with an IEP is assigned a special education teacher to work with closely and meet with them on a weekly basis. Any student requiring related services (OT, Speech etc) will be provided these services free of charge, in a fully virtual setting.
How much time will my child be required to be on the screen during the day?
Online schooling does require a lot of screen time. Students should expect to spend 4-6 hours on the computer each school-day. Offline work, away from the computer, may include reading novels, worksheets, art projects and physical activity. Students are expected to spend 6.5 hours a day at a minimum working on their schooling.
How much support will my child receive?
Our program offers an abundant amount of support. Your student will have support from their classroom teachers, advisory teacher, special education teacher (if applicable), counselor, and administration. These added layers of support allow us to meet with students 1:1 and provide social hours, study halls, and career webinars.
Is there a schedule my student has to follow?
Students need to work on school-work a minimum of 6.5 hours per school-day. However, they may chunk their time each day in whatever way works best for them. Students should anticipate attending live lessons and advisory each week, these are set times throughout the week, during the school-day. 
My child doesn’t have a regular daily schedule. Is it OK for them to attend Uplift?
Studies show that students need routine and schedules and we find that is especially true in the virtual environment. It is important that you work with your student to build a daily schedule that best meets their schooling needs. If this means that each day looks different, that is OK. Our staff can help your family design a schedule that works best for you and your student.
Is this program the same as Homeschool?
No. Homeschooling is when a student is taught at home by a parent, guardian or tutor with a purchased curriculum or workbooks. Homeschooled students are not required to take Michigan educational assessments or prove regular attendance. Online schooling is schooling from home but with certified teachers and high quality support, using a curriculum that meets the Michigan Merit Standards for Graduation. Online schooling is public schooling and therefore funded by state aid. Online schools are held to the same standards as traditional brick and mortar schools. Therefore, online students must take Michigan State Assessments, meet graduation requirements and prove regular attendance.
What do class sizes look like? Elementary, Middle, High
In the virtual world classes work a bit differently than you may be used to. Students may be in a class with dozens of other peers or only one. However, there are typically no more than 25 students in a live session (Zoom, Google Hangouts etc) at a time, unless they are school-wide assemblies.
My student is experiencing bullying in their current school. Is Uplift Michigan a safe place for him/her?
YES! Uplift is a bully-free zone. Virtual education is a great, and safe, place for students who have experienced any level of bullying. Students are able to interact as much or as little as they would like with their peers. There are social sessions they can engage in.  Students are also able to use their microphones, webcams and chat features during sessions but it is never required during a group meeting. Student information, usernames, and contact information are never shared. This provides additional safety and anonymity for our students. Moreover, many Uplift students have come here because they have, or know someone who has, experienced bullying. Uplift students abide by our zero-tolerance policy and share a love and respect for each other that is unprecedented.
What if my student is LGBTQIA+
UMOS is a fully inclusive environment for students that are at any stage of discovering who they truly are. We love all students equally and encourage them to love themselves and each other, too! Although the state requires we use the student’s given name on all official records, we allow students to use their preferred name in the school system, on their email address and as their screen name in any live session they attend. Our students feel truly safe to fully be whoever they are, without judgment or scrutiny.
Are you a non-profit school?
Uplift Michigan Online School is not “for profit.” Uplift is not a private school. Uplift is a publicly funded charter school in Michigan. This means the Michigan Department of Education has full oversight of Uplift and all money spent. Financial records and budget information, including all expenditures, can be found on Uplift’s website under the Budget and Transparency link, as well as the “Schedule, Agenda and Minutes” section, under “Our Board.”
Will my students credits transfer to another school and is Uplift accredited?
Uplift is a public, grades K-12, school in Michigan.  Uplift also adheres to the standards-based education requirements and Michigan state assessment requirements.  Therefore, high school credits earned at Uplift will transfer to other schools K-12 schools in Michigan, as well as colleges and universities.
Public high schools in Michigan are not required to be accredited, themselves, as thy comply with Michigan standards.  However, the curriculum that is used virtually should be accredited.  Uplift's curriculum is accredited through AdvancEd.
Can we enroll with Uplift and then leave when schools become "safe"?
The most important thing for a child's education is continuity and stability.  Changing a students educational setting and/or school frequently can be devastating for a student, not only academically but socially and emotionally.  
Please keep in mind that not all schools provide the same sequence of courses or content.  All public schools provide an education based on the required state standards but the sequence in which they offer that content can vary greatly.  
As a parent in Michigan you have choice and voice in your students educational setting.  You may dis-enroll your student from Uplift.  However, we strongly recommend that you wait until the end of the school-year, or at least end of the semester, before making such a change.  This will ensure your student has no additional disruption to theireducation, coursework and/or credits.  
Do you offer sports, band or choir?
No, Uplift is solely virtual so we do not offer a sports, band or choir program.  However, students who are enrolled in online school, homeschooled or non-traditionally schooled may be able to participate in the extra-curricular activities provided by their local brick and mortar district.  Please contact your local district office to find out if this is an option in your area.
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