Erin Arrowood | Secondary Math

Degrees: BS Economics, M. Ed Secondary Education - Mathematics

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love having the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students from all over the state!

Jennifer Blondke | Special Education Teacher

Degrees: BS Biology, BA Elementary, and Special Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: The students and staff are amazing to work with. 

Michael Bonkoski | Secondary Social Studies & English

Degrees: BA Political Science Secondary Education, MA Political Science

Favorite thing about UMOS: My favorite part of teaching online and at UMOS is having the pleasure to reach students who felt left behind or isolated in the traditional school setting. I was likely one of those students when I was younger as I was incredibly shy while in middle and high school. It's neat to be able to provide students who may be like I was the opportunity to find their voice in new and exciting ways! 

Brandi Cramer | Elementary - Grade 03

Degrees: BA Elementary Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: You won't find a group of educators with bigger hearts anywhere else!

Noelle Cromwell | Elementary - Grade K

Degrees: BA Elementary Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: My favorite thing about working for UMOS is how supportive and kind my colleagues are. UMOS staff is the best!

Karen Duvall | Elementary- Grade 05

Degrees: BA Elementary Education, MA Curriculum and Assessment

Favorite thing about UMOS: The students and parents are AMAZING! We also have the best staff. Everyone is kind and understanding.

Jennifer Eustice | Secondary Science & English

Degrees: BA Advertising, BA Education, MA in Learning, Design and Technology

Favorite thing about UMOS: I feel like the personalization of education that happens online has tremendous benefits to the students and staff alike. I love that you can be working anywhere with a wifi signal- allowing for life to happen and for true learning.
Teaching students how to access their toolbox of life can help them be successful in many areas.

Jenifer Gould | Secondary Social Studies & German

Degrees: BA Group Social Studies and German

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love working for Uplift Michigan because I love the relationships I have built with my co-workers and students. Our school has a small family feel and I love that. Kindness comes first here and that is a rare find.

Angela Hill | Elementary - Grade 04

Degrees: BA Elementary Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love the school culture at UMOS. We have an excellent staff who are very supportive of all their students. Everyone seems to go the extra mile to help out. The best part, though, is how absolutely amazing our students are!

Kathryn Jones | Secondary Math & Arts

Degrees: BA Art Education, BA Secondary Ed. Mathematics, MA in Ed. Leadership

Favorite thing about UMOS: Working online, at Uplift, allows me to work with more students one on one and provide individualized help and support. I also feel like I’m family at UMOS; the staff is full of amazing, warm-hearted people!

Sean Kerwin | Special Education

Degrees: BA Physical Education, Graduate Certification in Special Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: The staff has been the best group of teachers/administrators that I have worked with. Everyone is so willing to go over the top to help anyone.

Angela Kime | Guidance Counselor

Degrees: BA Behavioral Sciences - Psychology, M.Ed Professional School Counseling

Favorite thing about UMOS: The UMOS team is the most loving and welcoming team to work with. We truly care about our students and their families. I love being able to interact with students and families all over the state of Michigan with so many different backgrounds.

Jacquelyn Leib | Secondary Science & French

Degrees: Chemistry, Minor: French MS Ed Major: Secondary Education Minor: Biology

Favorite thing about UMOS: Online students are unique and seeking something different or better than what they’ve experienced in the brick and mortar setting. Being able to use my talents to meet the needs of my unique students is a welcomed challenge.

Tonya Lowry | Superintendent & Principal

Degrees: BA History Secondary Ed, MA Educational Leadership and Administration

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love working at Uplift Michigan because UMOS has such a unique culture. Our focus is on modeling well-rounded and respectful lives. We treat our students with the utmost respect and love. Uplift provides a level of caring that I’ve never experienced before and I love it. It makes every day worth it.

Dayna Lundberg | Elementary - Grade 01

Degrees: BA Language Arts, MA Curriculum and Instruction

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love that I get flexibility! I am an early bird, and do my best work in the quiet/dark, so being able to lesson plan at 4:30am suits me. I love that I don’t have to be in a brick and mortar building by myself feeling unsafe.

Victoria Malone | Registrar

Degrees: Associate’s Degree Office Systems/Administrative Assistant

Favorite thing about UMOS: Being at Uplift Michigan allows our students and staff to be at school anywhere and anytime we need/want to be. Of course there are expectations, but the flexibility of our program is so wonderful.

Sara Moss | Elementary- Grades 00 & 01

Degrees: BA Elementary Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love getting to work with a group of people who have a huge passion for what they do! Additionally, teaching online creates opportunities to better meet the needs of students because of the flexibility it allows students and staff.

Catherine Pannell | Family & Community Liaison

Degrees: BSW Social Work, MSW Social Work

Favorite thing about UMOS: My favorite thing about working for UMOS is being able to reintroduce the possibility of hope to students and families who have ever been labeled as "difficult." And I really appreciate the amazing Academic and Administrative team who always exude teamwork and family!

Erin Pielin | Special Education Lead

Degrees: BA Elementary and Special Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: My favorite thing about Uplift is how we are one big family. At UMOS, we support one another, we lead by example, and have high expectations, and are always reaching for the stars!

Jessica Pleak | Elementary Learning Specialist

Degrees: BA Secondary Education, M.Ed Literacy Studies

Favorite thing about UMOS: My favorite thing about Uplift is being able to support students in finding a lifelong love for literacy while navigating the virtual circus that is Zoom!

Caitlyn Przybysz | Elementary - Grade 02

Degrees: BA Elementary Education, BA Early Childhood Development

Favorite thing about UMOS: Working online with my students allows me the opportunity to see students in there most comfortable environment (home).  I get the opportunity to see a whole different side of my students and build more individualized relationships with them. 

Victor Sanchez | ESL Director, Secondary Spanish & Electives

Degrees: AA – International Business, BS Special Education, M.Ed Spanish,  MEd Leadership in Education

Favorite thing about UMOS: I like teaching at Uplift because it truly provides an opportunity for parents, students, and teachers to work together to create unique and personalized education plans for students, that really work. UMOS places a stronger focus on teaching students life skills that will help them be successful today, tomorrow, and later on in life.

Stefannie Simmonds | Secondary PE/Health

Degrees: Associates of Science: Science, B.A. of Education Degree: Physical Education, MA. Education Degree: Curriculum and Instruction

Favorite thing about UMOS: The relationships built with students and staff.

Erin Terpstra | Secondary English, Testing Coordinator

Degrees: BA English Secondary Ed, MA Teaching and Curriculum

Favorite thing about UMOS: I really enjoy being able to meet and teach students from different backgrounds, different lives, different talents and joys. Our diversity as a school and student body makes us a strong force in the global community.

Uche Uchendu | Secondary Learning Specialist

Degrees: BA English, M.Ed Early Childhood Education, MA Teaching and Curriculum

Favorite thing about UMOS: The students! The way their faces light up when they learn something new.

Lindsay Wesley | Assistant Principal, Secondary Math

Degrees: BS Mathematics, MA Online Learning and Leadership

Favorite thing about UMOS: I love working with students who need something outside of the normal school experience, especially with math. Sometimes taking the pressure of “performing” away from the course work can really take the anxiety out of learning a tough subject.

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