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Unique Summer Jobs

Christen Shell
on Jul 21, 2020

Unique Summer Jobs

Summer isn’t just a great time to recoup and recharge after a long school year.  Summer can also be a great time to earn and way to experience a variety of career fields.  In Michigan, there are many opportunities available for students who want to work over the summer.  Some of these opportunities are unique and/or unique to Michigan.  Below are some of the summer opportunities that students can apply for:

Camp Counselor - the camp atmosphere hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years.  Summer camps are still great places for children to have fun, learn life skills, and socialize with each other.  To find a camp counseling job, search major employment websites, such as Indeed.

Seasonal Recreation Staff - local, state and national parks hire summer staff to help clean and maintain the grounds, as well as direct park-goers to attractions.  To apply, contact the local, state or national park systems near you.

Corn Detasseling - Every year thousands of young teenagers around Michigan venture out into corn fields to help with detasseling.  Detasseling is the process of removing corn tassels, thus promoting cross-pollination.  The minimum age for detasseling, in Michigan, is thirteen.  To find a corn detasseling opportunity, near you, please contact your local farmers association or 4-H.

Car hop/waitstaff - Carry-out restaurants and ice cream parlors hire young students, over the summer, to serve large summer crowds.  A&W, Dairy Queen, and most major fast food chains offer summer positions.

Teen Center Staff - Over the summer, many youth organizations, including the YMCA hire young students to support and promote youth activities.  This can include planning events, as well as, watching young children during summer day camps.  To find a teen center position near you, search Google for “Youth Organization near me”

WASHTENAW COUNTY RESIDENTS: The University of Michigan has a “SummerWorks” program that has partnered with the Washtenaw County Summer Youth Employment Program.  This program connects youth to business professionals, as well as teaches job and leadership skills.  For more information:

Other fun summer opportunities for students include: amusement park staff, farm laborers, constructions and landscaping, movie theater staff and babysitting.

Working a summer job can build important character and social skills.  Look into the many summer employment opportunities near you with a quick google or Indeed search.  Whatever you do with your summer, enjoy it!